We welcome patients insured by all major insurance groups, self -funding as well as NHS patients.

Insured patients 

We are recognised by all major insurance groups and charge within their limits. 

Please contact your insurer prior to the consultation/treatment to obtain authorisation. 

A referral from your GP is not needed.

Self- paying patients

We can liaise with a hospital of your choice for appointments as well as  provide a package price for your treatment .


Our Initial consultation fees are 200.00 pounds and follow up appointments are 150.00 pounds

Any diagnostic tests such as x-rays and MR Imaging if needed will be charged separately by the Hospital.

A referral from your GP is not needed.

NHS Patients

We welcome NHS patients through the electronic 'Choose and Book' referral service by your GP  

Please contact your GP for a referral following which all consultation/treatment including surgery can be undertaken under the NHS.