We welcome patients with private medical insurance, self funding as well as NHS patients. Using your private medical insurance or self funding your treatment will give you rapid access as well as flexibility for consultation, investigations and treatment.

Patients with private medical insurance 

We are recognised by all major insurance companies and charge within their benefit limits so that there is no short fall for you to pay. 

Please contact your insurance company prior to the consultation and treatment to obtain authorisation. 

A referral from your GP is not needed.

Self funding patients

Initial consultation fee is £200 with follow up consultation fee £150. Please visit for further information.

Diagnostic tests such as x-rays and MRI scan will be charged separately by the hospital.

We will arrange package price for surgical treatment to be provided by the self pay office at the hospital. Self pay office will explain the variety of payment options including spreading the cost of treatment.

A referral from your GP is not needed.

NHS Patients

We welcome NHS patients through the e-RS (electronic Referral Service) by your GP. Please visit for further information. 

Following referral by your GP through e-RS, consultation and treatment including surgery undertaken at the private hospital can be funded by NHS.