How can I be seen by Manchester Knee Clinic?

A General Practitioner's referral letter is required addressed either to Manchester Knee Clinic or to a Mr Phaltankar, following which you will be booked in the appropriate clinic at a hospital convenient to you.

How quickly can I be seen?

After receiving the referral letter, you will be contacted to book an appointment at a time convenient to you within the next few days.

Where can I be seen for my consultation?

You can be seen at any of the leading private hospitals in and around Manchester convenient to you.

How quickly can my clinical condition be investigated?

X-rays can be performed on the day of the consultation and Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) scan can usually be organised within two weeks at the hospital of your choice.

Where can I have physiotherapy, if needed?

This can be arranged at a physiotherapy clinic or a hospital near your home. If you are already undergoing physiotherapy, we encourage you to continue the physiotherapy treatment including post-operative physiotherapy with the referring physiotherapists.

Where can I have my hip replacement, knee surgery and other operations?

Mr Phaltankar operates at a number of leading private hospitals in and around Manchester.

Do I need private health insurance to be seen by Manchester Knee Clinic?

We welcome both privately insured as well as self paying patients. You can self pay for your outpatient consultation as well as our full range of services including hip surgery, hip replacement and knee surgery. If you are self paying and need surgery, we can arrange for you to be provided with a quote for fixed price package from the hospital of your choice.

Do I need to check with my insurance provider regarding cover?

You will need to check with your insurance provider if you are covered for consultation, investigation and surgery, as required.

How can I findout about the cost of the treatment?

We aim to keep our fees within the benefit limits paid out by the major insurance companies, so that you do not encounter a 'short fall'. We can advise you regarding the outpatient consultation fee at the time of booking the outpatient visit.

Can my care be transferred to the NHS after being seen by Manchester Knee Clinic?

It is possible for your care to be transferred to the NHS at any stage of your treatment. However, your care is not prioritised over other NHS patients.

What happens after I have had a surgical procedure?

Many of the key hole surgical procedures can be done as day cases with you being discharged on the same day. For procedures such as hip replacement or knee replacement you are discharged once the nursing staff and physiotherapists are happy that you are fully mobile and self caring. At the time of discharge a follow-up appointment will be arranged for you.